Pennsylvania Parents Of Boy Who Needs Shade Sue Over Awning

PITTSBURGH, P.A. -- The parents of a Pittsburgh boy who has health aversions to sunlight are suing their homeowners' association for permission to add a retractable awning to the front of their home.

Dan and Jaime Snyder's federal lawsuit says an awning would provide a shady place for 18-month-old Jonah to play. But the Summerset Neighborhood Association says awnings don't fit the designs of single-family homes in the plan.

The Snyders contend they're being denied the right to use their entire residence because of their son's disabilities. Jonah has glaucoma and another disease that affects his skin and is aggravated by sunlight.

The association hasn't responded to Thursday's lawsuit, but officials say they believe the group has a right to argue the boy isn't "disabled" under federal law.