Officer finds lost $20G engagement ring in the sand on New York's Fire Island

A Long Island cop is being credited with finding a $20,000 engagement ring that a woman reported losing over the weekend on New York's famous Fire Island.

Suffolk County Marine Bureau Police Officer Edmund McDowell found the ring after searching the sand where the woman had been sitting the previous day with a metal detector he owns.

“We called her up and she was crying and crying,” McDowell told Newsday.

The Pennsylvania woman and her friends were staying on Fire Island for her bachelorette party.

She reported losing the ring Saturday, Suffolk police said.

Newsday reported that the woman was desperate to get the ring back because her wedding is this weekend.


Another officer asked McDowell to help search after he was unable to find it on Saturday.

McDowell was at it Sunday for about 15 minutes when he found the ring, a dime, a quarter and a rusty screw, Newsday reported.

About eight years ago, McDowell had used the metal detector to find a $30,000 wedding band a man lost on Fire Island while playing volleyball, according to the paper.