Off-duty FBI agent almost shoots Detroit cop during simulated purse snatching

An FBI agent came close to shooting a Detroit cop at a gas station Wednesday in a scenario fit for the movies.

The police officer's bosses came up with the idea to simulate a purse snatching and then invite a local television crew to film the fictitious crime, reported.

An off-duty FBI agent, pumping gas at the time, saw the commotion and quickly pulled out a weapon to shoot the officer before being alerted that the fake perpetrator was actually a cop, according to the station.

"The event takes place. The officer takes the purse, runs around the gas station. As he's running, an off-duty FBI agent is pumping gas. He witnesses the whole thing. He gives chase. He pulls his weapon, and as he turns the corner around the gas station, he's stopped by another officer, who identifies herself as a police officer and don't shoot, don't shoot, this is a scenario," Inspector Shawn Gargalino of the Detroit Police Department told the station.

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