NYPD's top cop wants 'consequences for disrespecting officers' after video emerges of milk-throwing incident

New York City’s top cop declared there ought “to be consequences for disrespecting police officers” after yet another video emerged this week showing a member of his rank and file being doused with liquid.

Commissioner James O’Neill’s comments on WFAN radio come as police search for the man accused of throwing a half-gallon of milk at an officer in the city’s Bronx borough on Tuesday.

“We have to deal with the prosecutors to make sure there are consequences for those arrests,” O’Neill told the station Friday. “These people just can’t walk. People have to know that if you disrespect a cop, something is going to happen.”

A number of people throughout the Big Apple have been taken into custody this summer after being accused of dousing police officers with water in incidents captured on videos that have gone viral.

One of those people arrested, whom police say dumped a bucket of water on an officer in Brooklyn, was identified by authorities as a gang member.


“I don’t know if this is news to New Yorkers — disrespecting cops, this isn’t something that just started happening in 2019,” O’Neill told WFAN. “We have been dealing with this for a long time and I’m glad it has come to the surface. We are not victims. Absolutely not, but people have to respect what we do.”

“There has to be consequences for disrespecting police officers,” he added. “There is law involved, there is a certain point you can go up to, but if there is a crime that occurs or if there is a violation that occurs you have to step forward and take care of it.”