NYPD Ticket-Fixing Investigation Uncovers New Evidence of Drug-Related Corruption

The massive NYPD ticket-fixing investigation -- which has already driven a veteran New York cop to attempt suicide -- has uncovered evidence of dirty officers lining their pockets with drug cash, the New York Post reported Friday.

The NYPD, already on edge about likely indictments over fixed tickets, will be blown away by the more serious drug-profit charges, which could signal widespread corruption and even more scandal, sources said.

“Some of the officers will face charges related only to ticket fixing,” one source with knowledge of the investigation said. "But there will be other officers who will be charged with serious crimes that grew out of the ticket- fixing investigation."

“I think people are going to be shocked by the seriousness of these crimes,” the source added. The offenses may include “cops dealing with drug dealers and proceeds from drug sales.”

What started out three years ago as an internal investigation to catch Bronx cops involved in minor drug crimes quickly grew into a widespread investigation with ticket fixing as its focus after wiretaps allegedly caught officers quashing traffic and parking tickets.

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