NYC parents fight to keep daughter's killer in prison

A New York City man and his wife are prepared to tell a parole board that three decades behind bars is not enough time for their daughter’s killer.

Michael Cassidy is serving a prison sentence of 25 years to life for the murder of Joanne Biasi on Halloween night in 1984. He comes up for parole again next month. Her parents, Nicholas and Helen Biasi, worry that if he gets out he will kill again.

“I just hope and pray they don’t let this guy out,” Nicholas Biasi told the CBS affiliate in New York.

His daughter had just turned 24 when she was killed. She was studying to be a nurse. The murder took place in her Upper East Side apartment.

The parents, who live in Queens and are in their 80s, told the station Cassidy killed their daughter in a fit of rage. She found out he was stealing money from her and broke-off their engagement.

“He choked her, stabbed her, bashed her head in,” Biasi said. “The judge said in over 30 years this was one of the most heinous crimes he had ever witnessed."

Cassidy has been denied parole three times since 2009. The Daily News reported Friday that last year Cassidy sued New York State. He claimed his last parole request had been rejected after the board “ignored an overwhelming majority of factors weighing in favor of his release.”

The paper said Cassidy pleaded guilty in the middle of his trial just before a coroner was to take the stand to testify about the dead woman’s gruesome wounds.

Recently a judge hearing Cassidy’s lawsuit ordered a new parole hearing.

“Things come up and remind you, and there are nights you can’t sleep, and things keep going around in your mind,” Helen Biasi told the CBS station.

Cassidy’s attorney Alan Lewis told the station his client feels “profound remorse for his conduct.”

He said Cassidy “is not the same person that he was 30 years ago.”