NYC Man Fined $2,000 For Not Watering Beehive

Beekeeper Tip Sempliner wants the city of New York to buzz off.

The Department of Health reportedly gave Sempliner a $2,000 citation for not watering his beehive, despite the fact that the water dish was mere feet away from the hive.

"I feel sorry for the inspector," Sempliner told CBS News. "I thought we should probably buy him some glasses."

Sempliner, who lives close to several fresh water ponds and a bay in the borough of Queens, said even if the bees couldn't find the dish, there was plenty of water nearby.

He called the situation "outrageous."

Fines like these are a good way to generate the money for the cash strapped city, said CBS News.

Daniel Halloran, a Queens Councilman agreed, saying, "This is another example of the city going out of it's way to collect revenue at the expense of our citizens."

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