Northeastern women's basketball team pushes snow-trapped bus during nor'easter

Northeastern University female basketball players took their teamwork off the court in Pennsylvania to push their bus stuck in the snow on Wednesday.

The team had just left Saint Joseph’s University’s gym in Philadelphia after their practice when the height of the nor’easter was wreaking havoc along the East Coast. They were only 10 minutes into the bus ride when it stalled.

“[The bus driver] kept backing up and trying to get some momentum,” Northeastern senior Maureen Taggart told the Boston Herald. “Eventually, he just kind of gave up.”

The vehicle’s wheels couldn’t move through the slippery snow-covered streets. So about 15 players grabbed their coats, went behind the bus and began pushing, Taggart recalled.

“We offered as a joke to push and then it turned into reality,” Taggart said. “So we put our coats on and went outside.”


Within five minutes, the bus began moving onto the main road. Senior Loren Lassiter said she was surprised they were able to move the vehicle because it was “definitely really heavy.”

“I didn’t think we were going to move it an inch,” Taggart said.

The team’s coach, Kelly Cole, filmed the players pushing the yellow Yankee coach bus. The video was shared on the Northeastern Women’s Basketball social media pages where it received hundreds of reactions.

The Huskies are in Philadelphia to compete in the 2018 Colonial Athletic Association Women’s Basketball Tournament. Northeastern plays Delaware in the quarterfinals on Thursday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.