No justice for the forgotten victim of 9/11

As the case against terror mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed makes its way through a military tribunal, everyone who died at the hands of 19 fanatics will posthumously have their day in court — except one man.

There will be no justice for Brooklyn-born Jerry Joseph Borg.

Borg, 63, died on Dec. 15, 2010, of complications from lung disease brought on by the toxic cloud that rose from the destruction of the World Trade Center.


The city Medical Examiner’s Office ruled on June 17, 2011, that his slow death was indeed caused by the attacks -- making him the 2,977th official victim of 9/11.

Go to panel S-66 at the 9/11 Memorial and you’ll see Borg’s name carefully etched in the black marble alongside the south pool.

Yet the complaint against Mohammed and four other alleged terror fiends lists the names of 2,976 victims, one shy of the official tally.

It’s a stinging omission for Borg’s family, shocked to hear that their brother has been left out of what the Pentagon has called the “Nuremberg of our times.”

“He’s just as entitled to be recognized as the other victims,” his sister Shirley Lombardo, 74, told The Post. “We want him to get justice.”

“I wonder why -- but I don’t know why,” said brother Charles Borg, 69.

“If everyone else’s name is there, his should be there. That’s just common sense.”

Despite repeated Post queries, the Pentagon offered no explanation for the oversight.

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