No. 12 in Russian Spy Ring Worked at Microsoft

REDMOND, Wash. -- A Russian man taken into custody in the recent spy ring investigation and deported from the United States once worked at Microsoft Corp.

A spokesman for the technology company in Redmond, Wash., confirmed Wednesday that Alexey Karetnikov worked for the company for nine months.

The spokesman, Lou Gellos, says Karetnikov was a low-level software tester.

Karetnikov was deported this week on immigration violations but was not charged with a crime. A public Facebook profile indicates that he is married to a Russian national, Julia Dudnikova, though it is not clear whether she ever entered the U.S.

Federal law enforcement officials have said Karetnikov entered the U.S. last October. They say he had no ties to the Russian agents who were arrested on criminal charges last month, other than that his name came up as part of the same criminal investigation.