New Company Hopes to Hit Big with Scented Shoelaces

A young New York company hopes to make it big and hit a home-run in the pre-teen market with scented shoelaces, MyFoxNY reports.

Three friends started the company about a year ago and rolled out their first pair of scented shoelaces this past February.

They have a very wide variety, from ketchup scented to banana scented.  They even have a pizza scented pair which is described as smelling "garlicky."

"We try to make things that are a little different from what's out there," Stacey Grieco, one of the company's founders says.

They also think that kids will want to do more than use the laces on their shoes. They want girls to use them as fashion accessories, around their wrists, or tied to their book bags.

One of the company owners is the designer that goes by the name Acrylicana. She's the one that comes up with all of the patterns and designs of the products. The third woman who makes up the company is Christina Bonlarron.

The company says the process used to make the laces allows them to remain scented even through washes and dries.

The shoe laces are starting to turn up in some stores on Long Island but many are purchased through their Web site, .

"We're building it one kid at a time," Grieco says.

The company has sold about 10,000 pairs so far at $4 laces each. Many of them are ordered one pair at a time.

The company has plans to start selling glow-in-the-dark shoelaces and is considering creating and using characters to bring to market as their brand expands.

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