A monkey that attacked three people in North Carolina will be euthanized, the state's veterinarian announced Tuesday.

Joe, the black-capped capuchin monkey, was tranquilized by North Carolina Zoo officials and will be taken to a local veterinarian, where he will be put to sleep, MyFox8.com reports.

The state's veterinarian ordered the animal to be euthanized since it was unclear whether he had been vaccinated for rabies. The animal had bitten a total of three people, officials said, including Patricia Knight, who was freshening its water supply when the monkey bit her over the weekend.

John Stacey, the animal's owner, has been charged with keeping a wild and dangerous animal and was given a $50 fine.

"Joe is a peaceful loving animal," Stacey told the website. "They have this blown out of proportion. He is not wild or dangerous -- never been wild, born in captivity."

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