Portland Police said that they were pelted with full Pepsi cans during violent May Day protests where 25 were arrested.

Before violence broke out in Portland, one protester offered the police a can of Pepsi in a nod to the controversial Kendall Jenner advertisement in which she transformed from a starlet to an activist and used the soda to bring protesters and police together, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The ad drew outrage and Pepsi eventually pulled the plug on the spot before it made it to television after it was accused of appropriating Black Lives Matter protests to sell soda.

Portland police said the protesters turned violent as businesses were being damage. Police said at least one medic was hit by a full Pepsi can, but was not injured in the incident.

Police eventually revoked permission for the demonstration and deemed it a riot and not a rally.

The violence and vandalism in Portland and several other Pacific Northwest cities stood out amid largely peaceful marches elsewhere in the U.S. to honor immigrants and support workers' rights.

More than 100 police officers clad in body armor and gas masks shut down a march they said had become a riot late Monday and arrested people on charges ranging from disorderly conduct to arson and assault.

Earlier last month, a man attended a Portland council meeting and handed Mayor Ted Wheeler a can of Pepsi, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting. The man told Wheeler that he was surprised about how much anger had been directed toward Wheeler and said it was the “language of resistance.” Then, he handed him the drink.

Oregon Public Broadcasting said the mayor appeared visibly embarrassed and shook his head and laughed uncomfortably. The man was led out of the meeting.