Man who sold deadly diet drug on eBay to plead guilty

A man who sold an illegal diet drug on eBay to a Rhode Island resident who later died is scheduled to plead guilty to a misdemeanor in a California federal court.

The person died in 2013 after taking the drug known as DNP — or 2,4-Dinitrophenol (DEYE'-neye-troh-FEE'-nahl).

DNP is a wood preserver and herbicide, but is also sold as a fat-burning drug.

The United Kingdom's government has warned against its use after a number of deaths there. Some compare it to cooking the body from within.

Court documents say Alan Alden agreed to plead guilty Thursday to introducing an unapproved drug into interstate commerce. The plea deal says it can't be established whether the DNP that killed the person was the DNP Alden sold.

Prosecutors are recommending three years' probation.