Man killed inside a Starbucks in Las Vegas, suspect arrested

A man shot another man dead Sunday inside a Las Vegas Starbucks and the suspect left along with people being evacuated but was arrested later, police said.

At least a dozen customers and workers were inside the store when the suspect got into an argument with the victim and opened fire, said Las Vegas police Lt. Dan McGrath.

It was not clear whether the two men knew each other.

The incident was initially reported to authorities as a hostage situation. When police arrived, they found the wounded man and he was taken to a hospital where he died.

McGrath said the suspect was among people in a crowd evacuated from the Starbucks but was taken into custody later.

Someone at the scene made a comment about a possible explosive device, prompting authorities to seal off the area around the Starbucks so bomb experts could be brought in.

They searched the suspect's vehicle and a backpack but found nothing dangerous, McGrath said.

Police did not immediately identify the suspect or the victim.