Man accused of killing deli worker with police gun indicted

Prosecutors say a man accused of grabbing and repeatedly firing a New York City police officer's gun and killing a Good Samaritan has an "appalling" disregard for human life.

Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark says Efrain Guzman was arraigned Friday on an indictment including a murder charge.

Authorities say deli worker Waly Camara had thrown Guzman out when he begged for money. They say Guzman then went to a nearby deli, demanded money and assaulted a worker and Camara rushed to help.

Police say they were escorting Guzman out of the store when he grabbed an officer's gun and killed Camara. Another officer then wounded Guzman.

Authorities say Guzman kept shooting until the gun ran out of bullets.

Guzman's attorney hasn't returned a call seeking comment.