Long-Lost Half Brothers Reunited 6,000 Miles From Home

Thousands of miles away from home, two long-lost half brothers from Massachusetts were reunited in a chance encounter on a Hawaiian beach, MyFoxBoston.com reported Monday.

Rick Hill from Massachusetts, his wife and their kids were on the beach in Waikiki when a man offered to snap their picture.

"He said 'Say Leominster', that's where he's from. So we smiled and said 'Wow, what made you say that?' And he said 'That's where I'm from' and we said, 'Wow, we're from the next town over, Lunenburg'," Rick's wife Maureen Hill explained.

Hill and the chance photographer, Joe Parker, began throwing out names of people they knew until one name in particular stopped them dead.

"And then I looked up and they started talking about Dickie, and I just started crying," Maureen said.

Dickie was the nickname for Dick Halligan -- Joe's father who passed away years ago. But in a twist, Dick is also Rick’s father, making the two half brothers.

"Who would think that you would take a camera from a perfect stranger and it would end up being your sister-in-law and brother you've never met before in your life. Six thousand miles away from where we're from? It's mind blowing to say the least," offered Joe, who now lives in Hawaii.

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