Lawyers: Jury should visit site where cop shot black man

Attorneys for a white former South Carolina police officer charged in the shooting death of an unarmed black motorist want the jury to visit the scene of the shooting and not be sequestered during the trial.

The requests are among a flurry of motions attorneys for Michael Slager have filed in recent days. Jury selection begins next Monday in Slager's trial.

Slager is charged with murder. If convicted, he faces 30 years to life. The April 2015 death of Walter Scott in the city of North Charleston was captured on cellphone video.

Other motions ask that Scott and Slager be referred to only by their names, not by words such as "victim" or "defendant, and that there be no mention of a $6.5 million civil settlement between the Scott family and city officials.


Associated Press Writer Jeffrey Collins in Columbia, South Carolina, contributed to this report.