Indiana mom forces son to wear 'I lie, I steal' sign on street corner

An Indiana mom caused a stir on a street corner when she forced her teenage son to stand there wearing a sign that read, "I lie, I steal, I sell drugs, I don't follow the law."

Dynesha Lax said she was tired of dealing with her 14-year-old son breaking the law and getting into trouble. After he had a recent run-in with the police, she came up with an unusual punishment.

"I decided he broke the law and they only gave him a few hours community service," she said,  "So I decided that we were going to wear a sign that says you looking for attention, we're going to get you attention."

The boy was on the corner for about two hours before onlookers grew concerned and called police. However, law enforcement officials said while Lax's punishment is certainly unconvntional, it is not illegal.

Lax hopes it is also effective.

"They've got their way of parenting and I’ve got mine," she said. "My object is to save my son."

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