How to Keep Your Love Strong While Travelling for Business

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A lifestyle business will look different for every person reading this. For most, it will involve some traveling to speak at conferences or train at companies. Travel is fun, but can be hard if you have a family or a significant other.

I travel a lot, a 100,000 miles each year the last couple of years. It’s hard to be away from the woman I love. There are times when I think I should just focus on the “from home” portion of my lifestyle business, but I want to see the world. Travel has taught me so much.

There are five ways you can keep your love strong despite the distance. This list isn’t the end-all, be-all if you travel. You may know things that I haven’t figured out, but, travel doesn’t have to be a relationship killer.

Use technology to stay connected.

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One of the benefits of the time we live in is modern technology and connectivity. We are an interconnected world and can reach each other from almost anywhere. This allows you to stay in touch with your love on a regular basis. I make daily Skype calls to my love. I text, email and send social media messages when I’m connected to WiFi. It’s important to use technology and access to stay in frequent communication. When you don’t talk, some distance can build between you and your love.

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Don’t feed your mind garbage.

There’s a danger that doesn’t get talked about enough but affects many people -- especially when you’re alone: porn. When you are alone in a hotel room and have a desire for physical affection, porn seems like an alternative to cheating -- it’s not.

Porn is as powerful as any drug for destroying lives and minds. It stays with you long after doing what it takes to get the urges out of your system. It can make you angry, cause you to treat your partner with less respect and affect the quality of your sex life.

Feed your mind with positivity and motivational content. Read good books, watch inspiring and informative videos and listen to interesting podcasts. Yes, it’s hard when you have those physical urges, but you are strong and can overcome them.

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Focus on doing your job.

You traveled for a reason, so pour all of your energy into why you are there. If you have a talk or training in the next few days, go over it again and see how you can make it better. Research where you’re speaking and see how you can build a better connection with the audience. Work ahead on other parts of your lifestyle business. The point is to use the time wisely.

Use the hotel gym.

When you have some pent-up physical energy that needs to be released, the hotel gym is a great place to do it. You can work out all of that energy on the thread mill as you listen to your favorite music. You can lift weights and tire yourself out. Go to bed drained of the energy that could tempt you to look at porn or worse.

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Make smart choices.

At the end of the day, your choices will make or break your relationship. You can choose to look at porn, you can choose to cheat, you can choose to flirt, all the things that can destroy your relationship. This all comes down to the choices you make, and the consequences of those choices that you will have to live with. Don’t choose to put yourself into a situation that leads to heartache.

Relationships have ended over distance, but it doesn’t have to end your relationship. Don’t put yourself in a place that you’ll regret. Use what’s around you for good and stay focused. The distance can help you miss your love and make your relationship stronger if you handle it in the right way.