High-Speed Crash Caused by 83-Year-Old Wrong-Way Driver Caught on Tape

The dramatic high-speed crash of an 83-year-old wrong-way driver, which caused a four-car pileup on a California freeway, was captured on a cell phone camera.

A cell phone video sent to Fox5SanDiego.com shows Clarence Kinney driving a white 2007 Ford F-150 southbound on the northbound side of the freeway Friday morning.

After several seconds, the pickup truck crashes when it hit the concrete abutment of the overpass at Las Pulgas Road in Oceanside, Calif.

Kinney's pickup spun into traffic lanes and was T-boned by a Land Rover before splitting in half. The cab portion of the pickup was hit by a tanker truck, which lost control and crashed into the center divide. The disabled Land Rover was then hit by another car, according to the station.

The crash victims, including Kinney, reportedly suffered only minor injuries.

Kinney was cited for driving the wrong way with a suspended license. Investigators said he appeared to have been confused and couldn't explain how he ended up driving against traffic.

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