HS senior's speech claims school did nothing to stop bullying, sexual assault

A high school senior in Washington state used his graduation speech to accuse administrators of turning a blind eye to alleged cases of sexual assault, bullying and depression reported by members of the student body.

This comes shortly after two other high school seniors went viral for using their graduation speeches to call out perceived injustices both within the school system and the country as a whole.

Charles Chandler, a senior at Heritage High School in Vancouver, Washington, warned underclassmen of “all the things the school throws at you for two or three more years,” during a “Moving Up” assembly. He has since been barred from walking at graduation, according to the Daily Caller.


Chandler accused his high school of being “a school where the administration closes their eyes to everything that happens in this school. Their school. The sexual assault, the bullying, the depression, the outcasts and they do nothing to fix it.” He delivered his speech without mentioning names or providing evidence to such claims.

Earlier this month, Nataly Buhr, a senior at San Ysidro High School in San Diego, used her high school commencement speech to accuse office staff of nearly making her lose out on scholarship money, a counselor of never having time for her and another teacher of being consistently drunk in class. She did so without mentioning the specific names of staff members.

Another senior in Texas accused school staff of cutting off her mic after she began to read out the names of victims of police brutality. Rooha Haghar Emmett, the valedictorian at J. Conrad High School in Dallas, tweeted out the moment, which now has been retweeted more than 50,000 times and has more than 120,000 likes.

"To Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and all the other children who became victims of injustice," she said in the video before her principal Temesghen Asmerom can be seen motioning to someone offstage, CBS News reported.

Related to the most recent incident--- Heritage High School principal Derek Garrison wrote a letter to parents June 6 that claimed Chandler's speech had “many inaccuracies, inflammatory statements and unsubstantiated accusations.”


“Even when people speak out about very real and serious problems in the world in which we live, if they add untruths about other people, including students and staff, it can be considered harassment and bullying,” the principal continued. Garrison explained that staff spoke with Chandler after the speech and offered several options for a "restorative solution," but the student then opted out of walking at graduation.