Hatchet-waving man leads police on chase in Massachusetts

A hatchet-waving man led police on a 20-mile chase through several Massachusetts towns before eventually being boxed in by state and local police cruisers, officials said.

It all began Monday afternoon when a Rochester police officer responded to a report of a person with a hatchet, acting erratically. When the officer arrived at the scene, the man allegedly charged at the officer and then got into his SUV and sped off.

During the pursuit, police said the suspect, later identified as Randall Harrison, was seen dousing himself with butane fuel. He also was observed waving the hatchet and a knife out the driver's side window.

State and local police chased the 50-year-old New Bedford man for about 20 miles through Plymouth and Bristol counties. Several attempts to stop the vehicle were unsuccessful.

"Speeds ranged from approximately 50 mph to over 60 while the suspect continually refused to stop and attempted to take evasive maneuvers," said state police spokesman Dave Procopio.

The chase eventually ended when cruisers from state and local police, assisted by a state environmental police pickup truck cruiser boxed Harrison in.

"Troopers, officers and the Environmental Police officer converged and removed the armed suspect at gunpoint," Procopio said in a statement.

No one was injured during the pursuit.

Police said they recovered the hatchet, two folding knives, a canister of butane and a lighter from the SUV. Harrison was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

"The suspect's erratic actions and multiple weapons created numerous possibilities for this to end badly. That it didn't is a credit to the discipline, technical expertise and bravery of all the involved troopers and officers," Procopio said.

It was not immediately known what charges Harrison will face.