Group of Texas teens buy homeless man meal, clothes

The story of how three Texas teens helped a homeless man went viral Sunday.

Ryan Cook and his friends Joshua Mechell and Alberto Montiel told KRIS-TV that they weren’t planning on doing anything special on the day they decided to help a man named Eddie and his dog Socks.

The group met Eddie at a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Corpus Christi. The fast food workers told the group that the man never asks for anything unless it’s for his dog.

Montiel told the station that any money Eddie gets on the street goes to his dog first. Cook added Eddie had a Bible and a picture of Jesus on the table, which he said “gave us kind of a sign to help him out.”

The teens said they first bought Eddie clothes, a bag and a first aid kit. The moment was captured on video. According to the station, the group also gave Eddie a Chick-fil-A gift card and gave him some cash.

"His reaction was basically priceless. Once we gave him that jacket he had a big ole smile on his face and it was just probably one of the greatest feeling I've had in the world. Not only for myself, but just to know that we did something great for somebody else," Cook said.

Mechell told Inside Edition that he hoped their viral video would inspire “people to make a difference.”

The teens reportedly plan on getting Eddie a hotel room and a meal for Sunday’s Super Bowl.

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