Georgia Dog Blamed for Eating $10,000 Worth of Diamonds at Jewelry Store

A Georgia pooch named "Honey Bun" is being blamed for the disappearance of $10,000 worth of diamonds from a jewelry store, WALB-TV reports.

The owners of John Ross Jewelers in Albany, Ga., say the dog -- often seen roaming the store and greeting customers -- ate a pack of loose diamonds left briefly on a desk about two weeks ago, according to the station.

"A customer came in, and I jumped up out of my chair and came out here to wait on him, and I left the chair -- where he [the dog] could jump up on my chair, and jump up on my desk," co-owner Chuck Roberts told the station.

Two blank spots seen in an X-ray of the dog confirmed that he ate the diamonds, which were recovered a day later.

"We looked all over and there weren't any diamonds, so immediately I knew he'd eaten them," he said.

"I haven't scolded him to this day and I won't. Why not? It's my fault for leaving the chair there, that's why," Roberts said.

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