From small crimes, cousins allegedly move to killing 4 men

Authorities say two cousins who allegedly lured four young men to a farm to sell them marijuana and then killed them started off committing petty crimes.

Authorities have filed homicide charges against Cosmo DiNardo and Sean Kratz after unearthing the bodies at a farm. The 20-yar-old cousins previously had records for fairly minor offenses such as burglaries and traffic violations.

Both suspects are being held without bail after being charged Friday in the deaths. DiNardo's lawyer says he will plead guilty after confessing.

Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub (WINE'-trobe) says the question of why DiNardo felt the need to kill the men may never be answered.

Weintraub says he feels both "sadness" and "relief" after the intense effort to find the bodies.