For Pennsylvania authorities, conviction of man with bodies in yard was a long time coming

Authorities have wanted to nab Hugo Selenski on murder charges ever since they searched his northeastern Pennsylvania yard in 2003 and found the bodies of a missing pharmacist, the pharmacist's girlfriend, and at least three other sets of human remains.

It took nearly a dozen years and one failed prosecution, but they finally got him Wednesday after a jury convicted the 41-year-old career criminal in the strangling deaths of pharmacist Michael Kerkowski and Tammy Fassett.

Selenski faces a potential death sentence after the jury concluded he killed the couple during a 2002 robbery and buried their bodies behind his house.

Prosecutors said Selenski and a co-conspirator brutally beat Kerkowski to compel him to reveal the location of tens of thousands of dollars he kept in his house, then used flex ties to strangle him and Fassett.