Florida teen in trouble for standing up to bullies

A Lake County Florida High School senior says she was she was punished for standing up to students on a school bus who were bullying a mentally challenged teen.

"Just because she doesn't understand doesn't mean that should be happening to her," senior Stormy Rich said to MyFOX Orlando.

The 18-year old student from Umatilla High School says, she witnessed the girl getting bullied on the bus for months and complained to school officials for weeks.

"They would be mean to her, tell her she couldn't sit on certain spots on the bus," Rich said.

"They were giving her food that they put in their mouth. I actually had to tell her to spit it out because she didn't understand."

Rich complained to the school bus driver and school officials before both her and her mother filed written complaints, but according to Rich, the school did nothing.

“I told the girls if the school didn't do anything, I was going to do something," she said.

According to Rich, that's what got her in trouble with Lake County Public Schools and now she is no longer able allowed on that middle-school bus.

“It was a courtesy extended to high school students to ride a middle school bus, due to circumstances on the bus, that privilege was removed, a spokesperson said in a written statement to MyFOX Orlando.

The spokesperson added on Friday that they removed Rich from the bus because she displayed bullying behavior and two wrongs don't make a right.

The spokesperson also said mentally challenged girl never complained about bullying.

"What kid that's being bullied goes and tells somebody?" Rich argued. "They want to have friends."

Rich said she was following school policy by reporting the bullying and should not face any repercussions even though she took matters into her own hands.

"I never want this to happen to anybody, I mean I know we can't save the whole world, but, at least we could try to help the people who go to Umatilla," she said.