Ex-hostage's daughter finds dad's love by meeting his captor

The daughter of the longest-held American hostage in Lebanon says a multi-year retracing of her father's harrowing ordeal helped repair their tattered relationship.

Sulome (SOO-la-may) Anderson describes the quest in "The Hostage's Daughter," a recently published book. Her effort to research the 1985 kidnapping of Terry Anderson in Beirut, Lebanon, eventually brought her face-to-face with one of his captors. Ultimately, it led her to see eye-to-eye with her father again. Terry Anderson was released from captivity in late 1991.

For years, the daughter fought mental illness and a drug addiction before giving up plans to be an actor and becoming a journalist instead.

Anderson, a retired 69-year-old living in Orange, Virginia, said he's proud of her work. He says she's now a better journalist than he ever was.