Elliot Rodger’s roommate wanted to move out prior to killing, family says

The parents of one of Elliot Rodger's victims said their son wanted to move out of the Isa Vista, Calif., apartment he shared with his killer because Rodger was loud and not social.

Jinshuang "Jane" Liu told NBC San Diego that her son, Weihan "David" Wang, was set to return home to the Bay Area for the summer and had plans to go on a trip with family to Yellowstone to celebrate his birthday.

She said her son, who was a University of California-Santa Barbara student, was friends with the other two roommates, both named victims in Rodger's killing spree, but said her son never talked with Rodger.

"They don't have much interaction," she told the station. She learned about her son's death while working at her nursing job.

On Sunday, the sheriff’s office identified the other roommates as Cheng Yuan Hong, 20, and George Chen, 19 -- both from San Jose. They were reportedly stabbed to death.

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Rodger posted at least 22 YouTube videos. He wrote in his manifesto that he uploaded most of his videos in the week leading up to April 26, when he originally planned to carry out his attacks. He postponed his plan after catching a cold.

In the end, he shot and killed three others at random, and injured 13 more either with gunshots or the BMW that he used as a battering ram against bicyclists and skateboarders.

Deputies found three semi-automatic handguns, along with 400 unspent rounds in the car. All were purchased legally.