Disney World gator attack 911 calls make no mention of alligators

Newly released 911 calls in the deadly alligator attack at Disney World showed that one caller apparently wasn't aware the animal had pulled a two-year-old boy into a lagoon -- she simply thought the boy had drowned.

"Please come to the Grand Floridian, please. Someone drowned in the -- in the -- Seven Seas Lagoon… Lake," the caller said shortly after the attack last week. "Someone drowned there – I just stayed in the pool. Please come to the Grand Floridian."

It was unclear exactly who made the call. The woman said she did not see the boy drowning because she was in the pool.

Dispatchers received another call from the area but heard no voice on the other end. They said the call likely came from a "drop phone," one that lifeguards dial and drop as they race to an emergency, signaling that they need help.

Rescuers found the body of young Lane Graves on Wednesday, the day after they said the animal pulled him into the water. The child and his family were visiting Disney World from Nebraska.

An autopsy showed the boy died from drowning and traumatic injuries.

The beach at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is across a lake from the Magic Kingdom. It had "no swimming" signs but no warning about alligators. The company added alligator warning signs on Friday.

The boy's funeral is scheduled for Tuesday morning in Omaha.