A video shot by two daredevils on the Golden Gate Bridge doing flips and walking hundreds of feet in the air on walkways has prompted a security review at the iconic structure, officials said Tuesday.

The video, posted to YouTube on May 7, shows daredevils Peter Teatime and his partner, Tommy Rector, sprinting up the bridge at night and at one point, doing a backflip and somersault atop the main towers of the span.

At one point in the video, now licensed to Caters Clips, the two dangle their bodies over the edge of one of the bridge's towers.

On Tuesday, Golden Gate Bridge General Manager Dennis Mulligan said officials were not aware of the incident until it was posted online and they received a link, KTVU reported.

"The Golden Gate Bridge is not an amusement park ride," he said, adding that the two men climbed the structure's vertical suspender ropes without any harnesses or fall protection.

While there are hundreds of cameras on the bridge, the cameras are set up to protect against terrorist attacks and protecting the structure, according to Mulligan.

There are no alarms on the Golden Gate for "reckless behavior," he said, but officials going forward will be looking at new security procedures.

"We will be taking steps to make sure they will not be able to do that again," Mulligan told reporters at a news conference.

Climbing on the Golden Gate Bridge is a misdemeanor, but it's unclear if the men will face charges, according to KTVU.

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