County councilman threatens to sue newspaper to prevent printing his name without consent

Kirby Delauter has had his name on the ballot. He has his own website — But he doesn't want to see his name in the newspaper.

The Republican is even threatening to sue his local newspaper if they dare put his name on their pages.

The Frederick County Councilman, who made the threat in a Facebook post Saturday, didn't respond Tuesday to phone and email messages.

Delauter wrote on Facebook that Frederick News-Post reporter Bethany Rodgers would "be paying for an attorney" if she used his name again without his authorization.

Rodgers had written in a story that Delauter shared another councilmember's concern about a lack of reserved parking spaces for councilmembers at the county government building.

News-Post Managing Editor Terry Headlee says Delauter's request is "stupid." Headlee says it's the newspaper's job to hold elected officials accountable.