Chinese national to be sentenced for illegal exports to Iran

A Chinese national faces sentencing for supplying Iran with devices that can be used to make nuclear weapons-grade uranium.

Prosecutors will recommend a 15-year prison term for Sihai Cheng, who pleaded guilty in December to conspiring to commit export violations and smuggle goods from the U.S. to Iran and illegally exporting U.S.-manufactured pressure transducers to Iran.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled Wednesday in U.S. District Court.

Cheng's lawyer says he'll argue that the nearly two years Cheng has served in jail is enough punishment. He was arrested in London in Feb. 2014.

Prosecutors say Cheng set up shell companies in China to receive transducers from the Shanghai subsidiary of MIKS Instruments Inc., based in Andover, Massachusetts. The government has said that MKS sent the instruments to China without knowing they were to go to Iran.