Check Out Mind-Blowing Cosplay at New York Comic Con (Slideshow)

New York Comic Con has busted out of Manhattan's Javits Center like the Hulk tearing through a new pair of purple pants. The venue is packed to Aquaman's gills with fans, presenters and everyone in between, and TV and movie events are being held in the Hammerstein Ballroom as well as Madison Square Garden. Make no mistake: Comic Con is huge and is in no danger of any Ant-Man-like shrinkage.

The only thing bigger than NYCC is its fans' rabid love for their favorite characters. Check out some of the insane sights Entrepreneur saw on floor of the convention on day one.

Way to use your head.

Brothers in arms.

Back off, bub.

How arguments get settled.

Breathe Right strip from the future.

Hulk shows his inner beauty.

Fitness is no joke.

Demon Warriors.

Triple threat.

True love.

Pyramid scheme.

Wolverine in need of a manicure.

Through the looking glass.

Business formal on the Death Star.

Talk to the hand, Deadpool.

Caffeine to the rescue!

Web heads.

Don't mess with my blue cube.

Wolvie drives stick.

Mean and green.

Hopefully not radioactive at the moment.

Gang's all here!

Aquaman out of water.

Cruella de Vil.

Jedis babysit an Ewok.

Something about Supergirl just clicks.

Super duo.