Casey Anthony Spotted Shopping in Ohio

Casey Anthony can run, but she can't hide!

The universally loathed, once-accused child killer turned up in Ohio with a new slouchy-shopper look as she tried to blend in at a mall, in the first pictures taken of her since she beat a Florida murder rap.

Anthony -- an Ohio State Buckeyes baseball cap pulled tightly over her face -- has been under cover since jurors in Orlando cleared her of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

Her frayed blue jeans and skintight T-shirt are a far cry from the subdued image she presented during her sensational murder trial -- and in a slew of sexy pictures showing her partying hard in Florida in the weeks after her baby girl was reported missing.

Now she's wearing clunky designer frames and blue contact lenses to conceal her natural brown eyes -- and has packed on the pounds to a once-slender frame.

Anthony was snapped in an Old Navy store clawing through racks of clothes in an apparent search for a wardrobe to accommodate her new zaftig figure.

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