COSTA MESA, Calif. -- California police say a man shot, beheaded and dismembered his neighbor at a military base, then killed the victim's friend after using the dead man's cell phone to lure her to his apartment.

Daniel Wozniak has been booked for investigation of murdering 26-year-old Samuel Herr and 23-year-old Juri Kibuishi.

Wozniak allegedly killed Herr at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base on May 21, then cut off his head, left arm and right hand. Costa Mesa police Lt. Bryan Glass says Herr's torso was left at the base, while other body parts were taken to a Long Beach park.

Glass says Wozniak shot Kibuishi after summoning her with a text message on Herr's phone. He says Wozniak removed her clothes to fake a sexual assault.

Police are investigating a motive.