The wayward calf that led police on a half-hour chase last week on the Major Deegan Expressway died last week, it was revealed on Tuesday.

The Skylands Animal Sanctuary in New Jersey, where the calf was taken after it was captured on the Bronx expressway, said the animal died on Friday, three days after it was captured and turned over to the rescue service.

The sanctuary waited until after the weekend to spread the news because they wanted to reach everyone involved in the rescue before announcing the death, they wrote on Instagram.


“We were with her Friday and went to do some farm chores. We came back in an hour and a half to spend time with her and found that she seemed to have laid down, gone to sleep and never woke up,” the sanctuary wrote in the Instagram post.

“It was and is devastating,” they added. “She should never have had to run for her life down city streets until her body gave way.”

The calf got loose on the Bronx road at about 11:30 a.m. last Tuesday and ran from cops for about half an hour before they corralled her and turned her over to an Animal Care Center in Manhattan.


A nearby resident told The Post at the time that he saw cops “struggling” with the cow as they tried to capture it.

“I saw the cops chasing it,” Lee Carr, 21, said. “It was coming from north to south on the Deegan … it seemed like they were just trying to keep it from getting hit by traffic.”

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