Bodies of missing Staten Island brothers found after being swept away by Sandy

New York police said they found the bodies of two missing boys who were swept away from their mother’s arms by floodwaters on Monday night during the most violent part of the storm.

The children were found 20 yards from each other, The New York Post reported.


Staten Island rescue crews had been searching area marshlands for the boys, Connor, 4, and Brandon, 2, They were separated from their nurse mother when she tried to leave her home for Brooklyn, the Post reported.

The mother's Ford Explorer reportedly stalled on a flooded road a few miles from her home.

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She got out of the car with the boys to ask for help. By then, the waves were picking up speed and Moore lost her grip on toddler Brandon. The desperate mother clutched tighter to her older boy — but Connor, too, was swept away by the water.

She continued to search for the boys all night, knocking on neighboring houses for help, the children’s grandfather said. The distraught mother got none, The Post reported.

"She spent all night on the steps outside," the grandfather, who did not want to be identified, told the Post. "Nobody wanted to help her."

The mother was finally able to get help the next morning, when she was taken to a local hospital with hypothermia, the Post reported.

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