Bobcats mistaken for domestic kittens brought into Texas home

Three people in Texas were bitten when the kittens they thought they were handling turned out to be bobcats.

"Hey listen," wrote the city's Animal Care Services on Facebook. "Wildlife really should remain IN THE WILD and it's up to us to help make that happen! These bobcat kittens are now orphaned and under quarantine with our partners at Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation because someone thought they looked like house cats. Several people were bitten."

The caretakers thought the cats, found in Atascosa County, were Bengal kittens — a rare domestic breed — and brought them inside a nearby home.

The bobcats were fed milk from pet-feeding bottles, but those who took them in reportedly realized something was wrong when the hungry animals tore the bottles apart and bit them.


Animal control was called and Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation took the cats in, where they remain quarantined.

San Antonio's Animal Care Services is working with Texas State Parks and Wildlife "to investigate the potential criminality of the animal’s capture and relocation."