Real-Estate mogul Ned Spieker did not grow up wealthy. He put himself through college, because he did not get along with his father growing up. After school as a young married man, he found himself dealing in real estate in Hawaii ("It was like a honeymoon," he says) and ended up the billionaire business man he is today -- with many twists and turns.

In this video, Spieker tells Joe De Sena of the Spartan UP! podcast that it’s not about being an autocrat but being a servant, not creating a hierarchy but sharing responsibility, and not about wanting it all but starting small and working very hard.

And work-life balance is critical, he says.

"I would always make sure I home for dinner," he says. "And coach soccer and coach little league. Do what I had to do."

Other takeaways include:

  • When you’re going through difficult episodes they’re crises; but in hindsight they’re blips.
  • Self esteem is earned -- you can’t give it.
  • Good leaders eat last. When you serve your people and build trust, they will work harder and smarter as a result.

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