Barricaded MMA fighter Jason 'Mayhem' Miller arrested by SWAT team as he live-tweets drama

Mixed martial arts fighter and former MTV reality show host Jason “Mayhem” Miller was arrested Thursday after live-tweeting as he barricaded himself in his California home, prompting a SWAT team to storm inside, police said.

Orange County sheriff’s deputies initially showed up at Miller's home in Mission Viejo just before 10 a.m. to serve arrest warrants on charges of domestic violence and stalking. But Miller refused to let them in, sparking a four-hour standoff in which Miller invited people on Twitter to come to the address and witness the drama, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“It is despicable," read one tweet from an account the LA Times verified as Miller's. "They are gearing up like the Bin Laden raid.”

Shortly after 2 p.m., a SWAT team broke through the front door and Miller surrendered, according to the Sheriff's Department. He was led out in handcuffs, his hair in a mohawk. Miller was booked on an outstanding warrant and obstructing a peace officer and held on $200,000 bond, according to authorities. He is expected in court on Tuesday.


Miller's tweets as the drama unfolded included the plea not to "let them shoot me" and claims he is innocent.

“I WISH YOU NO HARM,” said one of the tweets. “I respect the police, but this is overkill, for something that would be settled with one piece of paperwork from OCBAIL.”

Miller was arrested in 2012 on burglary charges after being found sleeping naked in a Mission Viejo church that had been ransacked and vandalized. The 33-year-old fighter hosted the MTV show "Bully Beatdown, which aired from 2009 to 2012, and featured Miller offering people identified as bullies $10,000 to fight MMA professionals.