Baltimore mom seen smacking son during riot seeks help after fire destroys home

A mother who was widely praised after she was caught disciplining her son on video for taking part in the Baltimore riots last year said Monday that her family is now homeless after an accidental fire.

Fox Baltimore reported that the fire occurred Saturday. Toya Graham said the same son she was caught reprimanding on video last April accidentally started the fire when he was frying chicken tenders.

"I had stepped away to the bathroom real quick," Michael, 17, told the station. "When I got back, there was smoke and fire coming from the pan."

The teen was home alone at the time and said he tried to stop the grease fire by throwing water on it. However, it only made it worse. He called 911 and no one was hurt in the incident.

"I'm not blaming Michael," Graham said. "But I'm angry."

Graham said she had no renter’s insurance for the place. Fox Baltimore reported that that numerous people have reached out to help the family and the Graham setup a GoFundMe page for donations.

"I'm tired of the struggle, I feel broken," she said. "You try to hold on because you try to do everything, you try to be strong for your children. You try, but this is a lot."

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