A mountain lion that's a local celebrity has moved in under a Los Angeles home but authorities hope to dislodge him.

Jason Archinaco, who owns a home in the hilly Los Feliz area, says workers installing a home security system encountered the cougar around noon Monday.

Archinaco tells KNBC-TV (http://bit.ly/1ypl8o3) the cat is in the crawlspace and must weigh 150 pounds.

The animal has a red eartag and appears to be P-22, who normally lives in nearby Griffith Park.

P-22 arrived in the area several years ago from the Santa Monica Mountains and crossed two freeways to get there. He survived mange and a meal of rat poison last year.

After dark, state wildlife officials cleared media and gawkers away from the area and planned to try to coax out the nocturnal cat.