'Fake socialite' who allegedly swindled victims out of $275G refuses to take stand

The onetime darling of the Big Apple social scene — dubbed the “scammer socialite,” who's been accused of posing as a wealthy heiress to infiltrate New York City’s upper echelon — told a judge Monday she will not testify in her grand larceny and theft of services trial in state court in Manhattan.

New York prosecutors have rested their case against the Russian-born Anna Sorokin, who is accused of passing herself off as a German heiress and swindling friends, banks and hotels. Prosecutors said Sorokin, who assumed the alias Anna Delvey, bilked individuals and businesses out of $275,000 while living a jet-setting lifestyle she couldn’t afford.

They said she also peddled bogus bank statements in a quest for a $22 million loan.

Sorokin’s lawyer said she never intended to commit a crime and planned to pay back the money.

Her decision not to testify came after several weeks of testimony in a case that has drawn international attention.


“Do you understand you have a right to testify?” asked Justice Diane Kiesel, The New York Post reported.

“Yes, I do,” she replied with a smile.

Closing arguments are expected Tuesday, and jurors will begin deliberating the same day.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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