Army wife stabbed during video chat with soldier husband says recovery 'going well'

The Army wife who was attacked in her Texas home last week during a chat with her soldier husband on a video conferencing app says her “recovery is going pretty well,” while the health of the baby she delivered shortly afterward is improving.

Rachel Poole, 31, was nine months pregnant on Wednesday when she was stabbed in her El Paso home by 19-year-old Fort Bliss soldier Corey Bernard Moss, police say, according to KFOX14. Her husband, Justin Poole, was deployed in southwest Asia and could see and hear the attack over the phone, authorities added.

Rachel Poole gave birth by cesarean section to a girl, Isabella, days after the attack.

"I think the recovery is going pretty well; we have an amazingly strong daughter who is absolutely gorgeous," Poole said in a phone interview from her hospital bed with KFOX14. "It means the world, just being able to see her and know that, through everything, she's doing just fine."

The couple said Isabella was sick immediately after the birth due to medication that Rachel was taking, but her health has been getting better.

"I haven't personally gotten to see her yet.Until I make my recovery, I'm not going to be able to, but all the reports I have on her are really good," Rachel Poole told KFOX14.

Justin Poole said he has not asked for any financial assistance, but friends are helping raise money for medical bills for Rachel and Isabella.

Police say Moss broke into Poole’s home and waited for her to return before attacking her with a knife. Justin Poole says the incident occurred after he let Moss borrow his vehicle, and he allegedly damaged it and was trying to dodge payment for repairs.

Moss is being held in a county jail on $150,000 bail on a charge of attempted capital murder.

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