Alaska Airlines plane forced to land in San Jose after electrical problem

An Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle was forced to land at San Jose International Airport Wednesday morning due to electrical issues that caused the plane to lose cabin pressure, an airport spokeswoman said.

Passengers deplaned normally and will be booked on another flight to continue the trip to Seattle. The plane will stay at the Mineta International San Jose Airport for inspection, said Vicki Day, the press information officer for the airport.

Bobbie Egan, a spokeswoman from the airline, said the plane had the electrical issue when it reached 25,000 feet. It descended to 10,000 feet, which is considered a safe altitude given the situation, and landed in San Jose.

The Boeing 737 was en route from Ontario, Calif., which is east of Los Angeles, and declared an emergency because of electrical, pressurization and flight control problems, a Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman said.

Egan said oxygen masks were not released and there were no injuries in the flight.