6 things you should do to prep your home for fall

As the leaves change and the cool air brings a soft chill to the outdoors, families begin to close their pools and take their activities inside. As conditions turn colder and colder, you might be ready, but is your home?

Here are six steps you can take to prepare your home for the upcoming cooler months.

1) Clean your gutters

Without proper drainage, clogged gutters can lead to massive repairs to your home's exterior as water leaks down the sides. It's important to clear your gutters out before the winter months as a long buildup of snow and ice can take a toll on your house.

2) Fertilize your lawn

Getting your grass ready for the cold months is essential to build a strong base for next spring. By building its strength now, you'll have a fresh, thriving lawn once the winter months transition to warmer weather.

3) Prep your lawn equipment for winter storage

Once you know you've cut the grass for the last time this year, it's important to drain the gas from the mower to avoid harmful buildup in the tank. Let all your outdoor lawn equipment run for a while before you store it in a cool, dry place until the spring.

4) Check your HVAC system

Temperatures will take a sharp dip before you know it, so make sure your furnace is ready to go. Make sure your vents and filters are clear. In some cases, it might even be a good idea to have a professional check your furnace once a year.

5) Winterize any outdoor faucets

Without properly prepping any hose or other outdoor faucets for the cold weather, you'll be susceptible to pipe bursts. Be sure to disconnect any hoses and shut off the outside water supplies. Be sure to let any outdoor water systems drain, especially in sprinklers, irritation systems and swimming pools.

6) Make sure any winter tools are ready and waiting

You don't want to be stuck with 6 feet of snow only to find the snow blower in the back of the garage. Move your lawn mower to the back and the snow thrower to the front, along with any shovels or ice chippers you may need. If you need to replace any, don't wait - once the first blizzard hits, stores will clear out before you know it.

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