5 Rules for Gettinng Global Customers

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Finding new customers ins one of the biggest ongoing struggles that business owners today face. New customers breathe new life into a business and they can keep your company running and turning a profit. However, although necessary, finding new customers takes a great deal of time and effort and an ongoing commitment to getting the right customers to build the right type of business. If you want a truly expansive customer base and one that includes individuals from all over the world, then you need to be willing to transform the way you target new customers.

Here are a few way to expand your horizons, and expand your business while getting customers from all over the globe:

1. Embrace the digital economy.

The world is a digital place and it needs to be treated as such. While mom and pop stores and brick and mortar establishments have their place, they aren’t conducive to building large, substantial brands. Why sell physical products only in your own town or city when you can take advantage of the power of the internet and sell information and subscriptions all over the world. There is no shipping hassle and no limits to your company’s reach.

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2. Don’t talk politics on social media.

As an entrepreneur you need to realize that your goal should be to reach as many different types of customers as possible for the betterment of your business. This means being careful to not insult anyone by pushing your views on them. One of the best ways to do this is to completely avoid talking about politics, especially through social media. Everyone has different views and just because a customer doesn’t share those views, it doesn’t mean that they won’t make a great customer.

There is no point in making customers with different political views upset, so avoid this topic at all costs when on social media.

3. Use all of the major social platforms.

Just because you can’t talk about politics on social media, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be on social media all of the time. Make sure that you are using and constantly updating your social media accounts and that you are on all of the major platforms. This means Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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You need to have all of your bases covered, even if some social media platforms ultimately work better for others. You may be surprised to find which type of account works best for you. For example, my Instagram account has about three to four times as many followers as any of my social media accounts. Photos simply work for my followers. However, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube or that Instagram will necessarily be the right option for you.

4. Ignore the small social media platforms.

Focus your attention on the big platforms if you want to start getting a big following of customers from all over the world. It simply isn’t worth it to waste your time with small networks, even if you think you are getting a foothold in a niche. So many of these networks fail. Don’t waste your time. You want to fish in the ocean, not in your small ponds if you want to get customers from all over the globe.

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5. Provide quality and get testimonials.

I have a great deal of lifestyle content on my social media accounts, but I also supplement this information with quality testimonials. I just had a student who passed $3 million in earnings and you better believe that I use his testimonials to the best of my ability to capture the attention of new customers. Without big testimonials like this my business wouldn’t grow very fast. It is important that you are not being humble about your accomplishments. Don’t brag, but don’t be humble about what you have achieved, you need to be proud, but still real and show people from all over the world what others have managed to earn from partnering with your business.