Two police officers were standing near a Georgia cellphone tower when they noticed a man falling from the sky.

News outlets report Brian Sims, of Savannah, and Stephen Ahlquist, of Lilburn, were arrested Jan. 18 on trespassing charges for BASE jumping from a 300-foot (90-meter) cellphone tower in Acworth. BASE jumping refers to leaping from a building, among other fixed structures.

An arrest warrant says officers initially only had the first jumper, Sims, in custody, as Ahlquist was still in the air.

Officers had Sims call Ahlquist over so he could be arrested. Police say the two argued about whether Ahlquist should stay hidden until officers revealed they had a police dog.

Sims' GoPro footage was taken as evidence. Both were released on bail. It's unclear whether they have lawyers.